About the trip

Starting in January 2014 I fulfilled a long-time dream by riding along the Andes Mountains from Patagonia to Colombia by motorcycle.  Along the way, I partnered with local organizations and businesses to raise awareness and support for the work they are doing in their communities.

The South American trip is now over, so keep an eye out for the final posts in the SOUTH AMERICA 2014 TRAVEL LOG.  

Of course, one journey always begets another, and our R&D department is always open to suggestions regarding future trips, information on past trips, or just words of encouragement in general.  You can contact them at Joshrpope@gmail.com.


About me

Josh a.k.a. JP a.k.a. Japes a.k.a. Tyrannosaurus Tex.  A twentysomething with a cultural identity complex and tragic immunity to good advice.  I will be your narrator/antagonist.  

Email: Joshrpope@gmail.com

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