Ecuador: La Mitad del Mundo, Part II

Each year the Ecuadorian government seizes thousands of animals from the black market, placing priority on returning as many as possible to the wild.  Unfortunately, many animals grow accustomed to humans or are injured by hunters and trappers, leaving them unable to fend for themselves back in the rainforest.  The Ecuadorian government is less forthcoming with support for such animals, which is why owners William López and Fanny Bonilla decided make them the focus of Zoorefugio Tarqui.

Ecuador: La Mitad del Mundo

Part I: Quito

Tierra del Niño: Surfers and Oil Fields

Perú's northern coast

Cloud Kingdom, Part VI

I. Big ol' mountain (Parque Nacional Huascarán)

II. Cañón del Pato

Cloud Kingdom, Part V

I. The scariest burrito

II. At least there were puppies

III. Aeropuerto con pollo

IV. Mr. Orange Vest

Cloud Kingdom, Part IV

I. Lolita

II. Palm Sunday Parade

III. Better than sleeping behind a gas station

Cloud Kingdom, Part III

Incan ruins and el Valle Sagrado 

Cloud Kingdom, Part II

Hidroeléctrica: the back door to Machu Picchu

Cloud Kingdom, Part I (Cusco)

Part I: Cusco

Machu Picchu?  I hardly know you!

It could have been twice as expensive and thrice as crowded and it wouldn't have fazed me one bit.  

From the foot to the belly button, part IV

I. I slept behind the gas station but I came here on serious business

II. Getting to her

From the foot to the belly button, Part III

Aconcagua to Atacama

From the foot to the belly button, Part II

I. Abrazos en Casa Herrera

II. Guanaco maldito

III. Hermanos argentinos

From the foot to the belly button, Part I

I. Like meeting your girlfriend in rehab

II. Slaughterhouse Three

A month at the end of the world

I. Pizza a la Flaca

II. Sandy Point

III. Somos feos y no tenemos talento


Torres del Paine

No, that doesn't translate to "Towers of Pain"

Pata pata Pagonia, Part III

I. Always trust an Argentine

II. Dual-sport bikes go where they please

III. Perito Moreno

IV. The end of the world


Pata pata Patagonia, Part II

I. Anklebreaker

II. "No hay cajero"

III. Invisible Bully

Pata pata Patagonia, Part I

Osorno to Futaleufú

Argentina, Part II: Córdoba

Relaxation and rios