Gotta love those days when you come home to a pile of moto goodies.   


Maintenance and repair manual for the Thumper.  Fortunately the only information I currently need is the former.


Die Lorelei's title from the bank.  She and I are finally making it official after a year. 


From the good folks at ProCycle: A petcock rebuild kit for the Thumper.  It's rather embarrassing for a 14-year-old to be leaking on herself.  She should know better.  This should also address my MPG issue, as I'm only getting between 100-120 miles on over 3 gallons of gas, when it should be closer to 150.  Also installing in-line fuel filters, which may seem redundant given that the DR's petcock has filters built in but they're cheap and there is no such thing as fuel that's too clean.


Acerbis Cosmo armor.  I busted my shoulder snowboarding in January 2012 and am not interested in any more surgeries.  If this level of "gearing up" seems excessive, I invite you to check out my (somewhat) short take on safety gear.