Lost on the way to the End of the World

Months ago, while researching for my own South American motorcycle trip, I came across the amazing site of a Canadian on his way to the tip of South America via everything in between.  The guy writing it not only tells an amazing tale of seeing the world by motorcycle, but also does some other incredible and downright insane stuff from urban exploration in Detroit to scaling rollercoasters in abandoned amusement parks.  The best part is he has the writing and photography skills to match.

Last week at the hostel some guy with a relatively common accent as mine struck up a conversation with me and we soon arrived at the point where you inevitably ask what the other person is doing there.  When I realized who he was I was floored.

So if you're bored waiting for an update to my site, or just want to get an idea of what lays ahead of me (just want to read a damn interesting story) then check out Lost on the way to the End of the World: