I knew I had it coming.  Extended travel in the developing world wouldn't be complete without a case of outright gastrointestinal armageddon.  Apparently the chinese restaurant across the street from this hotel had my number: #31-A: Aeropuerto con pollo.

Not going to go into detail here (children read this blog after all), but for those who of you who are fond of connotation I will say I am severely dehydrated and unable to venture too far from my trusty bedside bucket.  

I will continue to try to sleep this thing off so I can continue tomorrow.  The next bit of riding takes me to the eastern side of Huascarán, Perú's tallest mountain.  

On the bright side, this setback means I'm actually getting to put my first-aid kit to use (hello electrolyte tabs and ice pack).  It also means I can keep working on the travel log, so expect another entry or two before the day is over.